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About Shelby

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Since I was a child, I have been interested in design and photography. My bedroom was wall-papered with pages from the iconic Esprit catalog and I was always toting around my camera. My parents subscribed to National Geographic magazine and I remember countless hours spent gazing at the beautiful photos in each issue. I have always been drawn to landscape and nature photography, being in constant awe of our beautiful world and find it exciting trying to snap that unique view.

When I'm looking through the lens, I think about how to best portray my subject, whether it be a blooming flower or a happy child, and how to capture the essence of their beauty. I not only love being behind the lens, but also the editing phase—where reviewing what I saw through the camera is transferred to the big screen of a monitor. It invites such excitement in me and is where I determine what additional little touches are needed to make that photo pop.

When I'm not with my camera, you'll find me in front of my computer working in Photoshop (one of my many loves) or developing graphic design projects for clients in the transportation and jewelry industries.